Laser Cuts

Exploring internet food trends, and how millennials are changing the way we perceive and consume food.


Hip Chef!

Hip Chef - The new millennial food kit service!

2insta sticker.jpg

Packaging Design

A selection of comedic stickers I have designed for my project 'Hip Chef!'

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A selection of editorial illustrations, responding to various texts.

Exploring relevant issues with conceptualised visual solutions.


My Practice

Defining my practice: 

My interpretation of a ‘reader’.


Visually displaying who I am as an artist through illustration and graphic design.



Bespoke, hand painted skateboards.


Available through commission.


Contact me for more information. 


Handmade Gifts

A collection of handmade earrings, badges, stickers & bookmarks.

Everything is hand cut, hand painted and designed by me.

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Floppy Clock 

A collaborative project by Floppy Clock Collective parodying consumerist culture.


Visually exposing ethically 

questionable advertising techniques, especially when targeted towards children.