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Exhibition Impossible

An alternative degree show put on by UWE Illustration graduates in response to the University cancelling the annual exhibition due to the pandemic.

Library Sign Painted Skateboard.jpeg


Working alongside the client, I create bespoke designs to be hand painted onto a skateboard. The boards are primed, painted and sealed with a gloss varnish finish for protection.

Mug Mockup.png

Artwork & Accessories

Collection of unique prints, homeware and accessories sold exclusively on Eleanor Isobelle Art, Jewel Street and my own personal Etsy store.


Character Design

Illustration specialising in character design and food mascots.

for website.png

Social Media

As part of my internship with design company ‘Vivid Biology’, I manage the social media for their stationary company ‘Ingenious Ink’.

I keep the page looking professional and clean but with a fun feel to it.


Laser Cuts

Exploring internet food trends, and how millennials are changing the way we perceive and consume food.


Hip Chef!

Hip Chef - The new millennial food kit service!

Sticker packaging

Packaging Design

A selection of comedic stickers I have designed for my project 'Hip Chef!'


My Practice

Defining my practice: 

My interpretation of a ‘reader’.


Visually displaying who I am as an artist through illustration and graphic design.

Editorial 2 edited version 4.jpg


A selection of editorial illustrations, responding to various texts.

Exploring relevant issues with conceptualised visual solutions.

floppy clock 13-020165.JPG

Floppy Clock 

A collaborative project by Floppy Clock Collective parodying consumerist culture.


Visually exposing ethically questionable advertising techniques, especially when targeted towards children.

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